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R+T2024: highlights of the SIMU booth

We had the pleasure of showcasing our products at R+T Stuttgart trade fair. Whether you have had the opportunity to come on our SIMU booth and exchange with the SIMU team or not, we propose you to (re)discover the highlights of our booth.

The LiveIn2 app switches to the TaHoma by Somfy app

On February 6th, the LiveIn2 app will no be longer available. All users will have the opportunity to benefit from a continuity of services thanks to an exclusive compatibility between LiveIn2 gateway and TaHoma by Somfy app. You will be able to connect to the new app in just a few clicks, using your LiveIn2 account.

R+T2024: let’s discover the SIMU booth!

SIMU will welcome you from February 19th until February 23rd on the R+T trade fair, the world’s lading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun shading systems.

SIMU Hz and BHz products and accessories become compatible with TaHoma® switch of Somfy

As a brand of Somfy Group, SIMU evolves its LiveIn2 range with TaHoma® switch range of Somfy, offering new compatibilities to benefit from the best of connected home and a universe recognized by consumers.

How does the SIMUDRIVE SD100Hz control box work?

Being able to open and close your garage door directly from your vehicle is not new. There are already many systems which do this. However, the solutions available are often difficult to install and configure. So SIMU has decided to widen its SIMUDRIVE control box offer with the latest addition to the range: the SIMUDRIVE SD100HZ box. A solution designed for roller garage doors combining easy installation and safe usage.

How do you manually unblock a motorised metal curtain?

You run a shop and at opening time or closing time you find your metal curtain won’t move. Don’t worry! In most cases you can very easily unblock it yourself.

Three-phase is not that complicated!

You end up with three-phase wiring, don't panic! Three-phase is not that complicated! While the majority of domestic installations are supplied with single-phase power, this is not the case for professional premises which, for the most part, use three-phase.

Which motor to choose for a metal shutter?

The motorized metal shutter is the safest way to close your commercial or industrial premises. It ensures optimal protection of your property while preserving the aesthetics of your facade or shop window. To choose the model that best suits your storefront, it is important to inquire about the different types of motors available and the characteristics of each one.


Protection against unauthorised entry thanks to automatic locking of the keypad after several unsuccessful attempts.

Gender equality index

Declared an important national priority for his five-year mandate by the President of the French Republic and stoutly defended by the Government, gender equality in the workplace requires mobilisation on the part of everyone.


Sept 2021 - With its sober and elegant design, this radio control point will find its place both indoors and outdoors.
To order your rolling or sectional garage door in sequential mode, you can always rely on it!

SD510, the complete, easy-to-install SIMU control box for three-phase motors

Sept 2021 - The SIMUDRIVE SD510 box safely controls your installation by enabling you to connect all the safety accessories you wish (4 sets of cells and a safety edge). It can be combined with numerous accessories, such as a badge reader, a clock or even an alarm, to simplify and protect access to it.

Autosun2 BHz, the radio connected solar solution

The new Autosun® 2 BHz solution benefits from our 15 years of experience in the development of solar solutions. It is equipped with a smarter motor with information feedback labelled Act for Green and still has all its main advantages: 7-year warranty on the solar kit, 45 days of autonomy in total darkness, soft start&stop function, aesthetic solar panel and easy-to-mount batteries.

The PROG button changes place on our remote controls!

The PROG button is deported to the back of the remote control, while the old PROG button inside is no longer functional.

BHz/Hz: What are the differences?

Home automation is really coming into its own in the digital era and is gradually becoming a key part of daily life. Roller shutters, garage doors and lighting are all affected by this progress and are the most frequently automated elements in homes. Various technologies exist, in particular SIMU-Hz and SIMU-BHz radio protocols. Both meet the consumers’ main requirements, i.e. reliability and ease of use. So what exactly are the differences between these two automation techniques?

5 advantages of Autosun which will please your customers

Are you looking for a reliable and secure motorised solution for roller shutters for one of your customers? Look no further! With over 65 years of experience in the manufacture of control systems for roller shutters, blinds and industrial doors and windows, SIMU has developed AUTOSUN for you, a smart solar solution which adapts to all types of roller shutters. Autosun has five major advantages which will make all the difference in the eyes of your customers.

New control boards offer

A specific unit for every need! Whether it be a garage door or an industrial door, we have the solution.


The motor gives its position on your smartphone. You thus know the position of your shutters in real time.

With OUR SOLAR SOLUTION, your roller shutters become radio!

Modernize your shutters by making them radio, without any degradation of your walls or your interior. Motor with battery and solar panel, function without electricity! The kit (motor + panel + battery) is garanteed 7 years!
70 years of experience
70 years of experience
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French brand
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Inventor of the tubular motor
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100% of our customers would recommend simu