5 advantages of Autosun which will please your customers

5 advantages of Autosun which will please your customers

Are you looking for a reliable and secure motorised solution for roller shutters for one of your customers? Look no further! With over 65 years of experience in the manufacture of control systems for roller shutters, blinds and industrial doors and windows, SIMU has developed AUTOSUN for you, a smart solar solution which adapts to all types of roller shutters. Autosun has five major advantages which will make all the difference in the eyes of your customers.

During your first meeting with your customers, there are probably two questions which come up regularly:

  • What interior work will be needed to install the motorisation system?
  • What will my electricity consumption be with this type of device?

With Autosun, your answer is easy: zero interior work and zero energy consumption.


1. Autosun, a solution requiring no building work

Autosun does not need any wiring. The solution is not connected either to the electricity supply (the solar panel provides the energy) or to any control points thanks to the SIMU-Hz&BHz radio technologies. The system can be installed in renovation or new-build projects alike. It does not require any channels to be cut into the existing walls and does not damage wallpaper or paint. It is the ideal solution to equip a house or flat with an automation system without damaging the interior decoration.


2. A 100% autonomous motorisation solution

Autosun uses solar energy to operate, which has the advantages of being free and renewable. Its mode of operation is simple: the system’s solar panel transforms solar energy into electrical energy. The battery stores this energy, which is then used by the motor to move the shutter.

The absence of wiring also allows the Autosun system to be installed anywhere far from an electricity supply, such as a garden shed or a separate garage. Moreover, thanks to its autonomy, there is no longer any need to worry in case of a power outage - the system is still operational.


3. Comfort at the heart of the Autosun solution

The Autosun solution enables roller shutters to be automatically controlled thanks to the SIMU-Hz&BHz radio technologies combined with LiveIn2. Comfort comes top of the list of priorities in the wireless control system, enabling the user to close all their shutters remotely, if they so wish.

The user can also programme automation scenarios to open and close shutters at specific times without any further action necessary. This option is very useful when the occupant is away on holiday, for example, to simulate a presence and reassure owners during their absence.

The motor has “soft start” and “soft stop” functions to start the shutter gently when opening and closing and to slow it down as it reaches the end of its movement, thus reducing noise pollution.

4. Recognised reliability

The Autosun smart motor benefits from all the quality and reliability of the SIMU equipment which has been on the automation market since 1959, with its own specific features as well.

Frost detection

When used in very cold weather, its motor can detect the presence of ice if its upward movement is jammed or if the latch on the bottom slat is locked.

Stop in case of obstacles

In the same way, the system’s motor will stop automatically if it detects the presence of an obstacle as the roller shutter descends.


The Autosun system has been designed to operate in most geographical areas and has an autonomy of 45 days without sun, at the rate of two cycles per day. This equipment is also guaranteed for seven years.

5. A high level of performance

The Autosun solution comprises:

  • A SIMU-Hz or BHz motor compatible with a whole range of SIMU-Hz&BHz emitters and controllers, such as the BHz sun sensor, which, when connected to the LiveIn2 solution, automatically manages the opening and closing of a roller shutter according to the intensity of the sunlight, or the LiveIn2 connected solution which can be used to control equipment directly from a smartphone.
  • A wide range of batteries, with or without covers, to adapt to all installation configurations.
  • A discreetly-designed high-performance robust resin solar panel which integrates unobtrusively into the shutter cover or directly on the wall.

Opting for the Autosun solution is the guarantee of reliable, high-performance equipment that perfectly meets its users’ needs.

70 years of experience
70 years of experience
French brand
French brand
Inventor of the tubular motor
Inventor of the tubular motor
100% of our customers would recommend simu
100% of our customers would recommend simu