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How do you manually unblock a motorised metal curtain?

How do you manually unblock a motorised metal curtain?

You run a shop and at opening time or closing time you find your metal curtain won’t move. Don’t worry! In most cases you can very easily unblock it yourself.

The impacts of a jammed curtain

A motorised metal curtain can get stuck in the down position (closed) or the up position (open) due to a power outage or a fault in your curtain, and this can have serious consequences. In the first case, your customers can't get into your shop and you risk losing a day’s work. In the second case, you are no longer protected against burglary during the night. It is therefore vital to act quickly.

However, don’t rush to call a maintenance technician. It is likely to be expensive whereas in most cases you are completely capable of unblocking it yourself. Calling in a technician will lead to an unplanned expense, and if the technician is not available quickly, you will also have to hire a security firm to guard your premises overnight or over the weekend.

How do you unblock your jammed curtain yourself?

You are inside the shop or have access to the inside via a service door

In this case, it is very simple. You simply need to use the handle on your metal curtain to declutch your motor. Simply pressing or unscrewing the handle will immediately declutch the motor and you will be able to manually unblock your curtain. This operation is facilitated by the system of compensation springs which reduces the weight of the grille on your commercial unit.

You are outside the shop and do not have access to the inside

In this case, you must open the control box with your key. Next to the switch to raise and lower the curtain, you will find a lever used to declutch the motor. You now only have two actions to perform:

  1. Operate the lever to declutch the motor.
  2. A spring system reduces the weight of the curtain, enabling you to open or close your curtain manually.

If you have just closed your metal curtain, don't forget to reset the handle to its initial position to block the motor, of course.

You can’t find the declutching system

The declutching system may be in the false ceiling or rolled up and hung high up. It looks like a black sheath with a plastic handle.

However, if you can’t find declutching system, or if it doesn't work, you can get help.

Use the After-Sales Service telephone number on the last slat of the curtain to contact a maintenance technician or call the security service if your shop is in a shopping arcade. Maintenance contracts are often provided and available 24 hours a day.

CENTRIS: SIMU’s central motor

The Simu Centris motor was developed in 2010 to ensure the highest level of safety and fully comply with the requirements of the European standards. Its reliable, robust system is designed to last and very rarely requires any after-sales service.

The Simu Centris motor is acclaimed to have the best declutching system on the market, thanks to a unique system facilitating the manual operation of the curtain. 100% of motors are tested during manufacture to guarantee optimum quality.