BHz/Hz: What are the differences?

BHz/Hz: What are the differences?

Home automation is really coming into its own in the digital era and is gradually becoming a key part of daily life. Roller shutters, garage doors and lighting are all affected by this progress and are the most frequently automated elements in homes. Various technologies exist, in particular SIMU-Hz and SIMU-BHz radio protocols. Both meet the consumers’ main requirements, i.e. reliability and ease of use. So what exactly are the differences between these two automation techniques?

BHz/Hz: solutions for the Home Experience

Controlling external blinds, lights and garage doors directly from a smartphone is possible thanks to SIMU-Hz technology combined with the LiveIn2 connected solution. It can be used to manage controllers and personalise systems according to the user’s needs.

So how does it work in practice?

When the SIMU-Hz remote control is operated, a signal is sent to the Hz motor, which performs the requested action. There are several possibilities:

  • The basic remote control: sends a single command to the Hz motor, such as to close the garage door.
  • The 5-channel remote control: can send up to five commands or can use the group function to close all the blinds on the ground floor simultaneously, for example.
  • The Timer remote control: provides the possibility to automate the command by programming it to be performed at a specific time.
  • The smartphone: combined with the LiveIn2 connected solution, it enables the equipment to be controlled directly using a telephone.

What’s new with SIMU-BHz?

SIMU-BHz technology follows on from SIMU-Hz in terms of programming. However, it provides several significant additional benefits. SIMU-BHz combined with LiveIn2 benefits from bidirectional radio technology. It not only allows the signal to perform an action to be sent to the BHz motor, but also enables a signal indicating that the requested action has been successfully performed to be received in return, which is something new! Another advantage of the SIMU-BHz system is that it provides the possibility to adjust shutter opening to the desired position remotely.

There are also two new functions:

  • Create and launch scenarios remotely, such as closing all the roller shutters and switching off the lights at the same time.
  • Use an external sun sensor to automate shutter opening and closing according to the levels of sunlight.

Technically, what does this mean?

The SIMU-BHz radio range with information feedback boasts the following features:

  • Radio frequency 868 MHz
  • 3 possible frequency bands (the best is selected automatically)
  • Radio installation secured by an encryption key
  • Effective range of 20 metres within a concrete building

SIMU-BHz: well-being and security at your fingertips

Trusting BHz technology guarantees peace of mind. Your customers no longer need to worry whether they have switched off the lights before going to work, or if they closed the garage door before going to collect the children from school. In addition to this feeling of security, SIMU-BHz is also synonymous with comfort and energy savings for your customers. Opening and closing the shutters no longer takes any effort. Just use the remote control and hey presto! Savings of up to 10% have been noted on heating bills thanks to the automatic closure of shutters at dusk and up to 9° less in summer by closing the blinds during the hottest part of the day.

The LiveIn2 connected solution

The LiveIn2 application is used to control the equipment remotely, simply using a remote control that’s a bit different to the usual ones, and which almost everyone has on them: a smartphone.

Combining SIMU-BHz equipment with the LiveIn2 application is very easy. Simply:

  • Download the LiveIn2 app, available without subscription on iOS and Android.
  • Connect the Internet box to the LiveIn2 box.
  • Start equipment detection.

The only constraint is the need to own a smartphone or tablet compatible with the app, i.e. an Android 5.0 or an iOS 9 or higher, with WiFi internet or 3G/4G access.

The LiveIn2 box is upgradeable and adapts to all your customers’ projects. BHz radio wireless technology enables them to add or remove equipment whenever they want according to their needs.

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