Which motor to choose for a metal shutter?

Which motor to choose for a metal shutter?

The motorized metal shutter is the safest way to close your commercial or industrial premises. It ensures optimal protection of your property while preserving the aesthetics of your facade or shop window. To choose the model that best suits your storefront, it is important to inquire about the different types of motors available and the characteristics of each one.

3 types of motors exist for a metal shutter

Choosing a motorized metal shutter allows you to facilitate the opening and closing of your equipment. No more manual operation: a simple key or remote control allows you to activate the shutter.

The central motor or axial motor

The central motor is mainly dedicated to commercial shutter and, to a lesser extent, to industrial shutter.

Indeed, rather adapted to small shutter (maximum 300 kg) and existing only in single-phase, the central motor is recommended for a little intensive use, a few cycles only per day. Its two main advantages are:

  • the possibility to disengage it to operate the curtain manually, in case of a problem with the electrical system, thanks to the compensation system of the door
  • to be the most economical motorization solution on the market

(The central or axial motor is preferable if your business premises are located in an area without a reliable electrical system)

Tubular motor

The tubular motor is located inside the winding tube and works like a roller shutter motor, but with additional power.

It has the advantage of being able to be installed on a commercial or industrial shutter weighing 600 to 700 kg and is available in both single and three-phase for intensive use.

Moreover, thanks to the absence of spring coils, the life of the installation is much better than with a compensated motorization.

Finally, the integration of the motor inside the tube, allows a discreet solution and a minimum winding space.

External motor or shaft end

The last model, the external or end-of-shaft motor is reserved for industrial shutters weighing up to one ton. It is also compatible with sectional doors.

Available in single or three-phase, it has the advantage of being very accessible in case of after-sales service and is particularly recommended for intensive use.

Which motor should I choose according to my metal shutter?

The choice of motor model will depend on several criteria:

  • the frequency of use: occasional or intensive. It will be necessary to pay attention to the mode of power supply (single-phase or three-phase);
  • the size and weight of the shutter;
  • the typology of the place to be secured: industry or shop.

The SIMU range of motors for a metal shutter

SIMU is the only brand to offer 3 types of motors and therefore to propose a solution adapted to each need and configuration.

CENTRIS and CENTRIS VeoHz motors

This central motor is available in different torques (up to 200Nm) to be suitable for all types of shutters, depending on their weight, the diameter of the central tube (60 or 76mm) and the diameter of the spring coils (200-220-240mm).

Robust and reliable, the CENTRIS motor is built to last. It has a simple and quick adjustment and a total protection thanks to a limit switch system totally integrated in a protective box.

It is also available in a radio version, controllable by remote control under the name VeoHz.


T6-T8-T9 tubular motors

This range is available in single or three-phase wire and in diameters of 60, 80 or 89 mm. Thus, it can be used to motorize the majority of grills and metal shutters.

All SIMU tubular motors offer a version with an emergency control to operate the curtain in case of power failure.


This external motor for roll-up doors, very compact, can be installed even if the space at the end of the axis is reduced.

It is available in two versions, the first one with its integrated electronics can be installed with a key box for direct dead man control. The second, thanks to its connection with an external control box, offers more configuration possibilities.

They benefit from a double system of integrated manual override (chain and crank).


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70 years of experience
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