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15 December 2021
Commercial Closures

Which motor to choose for a metal shutter?

The motorized metal shutter is the safest way to close your commercial or industrial premises. It ensures optimal protection of your property while preserving the aesthetics of your facade or shop window. To choose the model that best suits your storefront, it is important to inquire about the different types of motors available and the…
5 October 2021
Home Control

Three-phase is not that complicated!

You end up with three-phase wiring, don't panic! Three-phase is not that complicated! While the majority of domestic installations are supplied with single-phase power, this is not the case for professional premises which, for the most part, use three-phase. What exactly is three-phase? As its name suggests, the three-phase is a system made up of…
27 May 2021
Commercial Closures

How do you manually unblock a motorised metal curtain?

You run a shop and at opening time or closing time you find your metal curtain won’t move. Don’t worry! In most cases you can very easily unblock it yourself. The impacts of a jammed curtain A motorised metal curtain can get stuck in the down position (closed) or the up position (open) due to…
16 April 2021

SIMU takes part in its 1st digital trade fair with R+T digital Stuttgart

The events sector, hard hit by the health crisis, has had no alternative but to reinvent itself. Many organisers are now choosing the digital option to maintain contact between exhibitors and visitors. This is the case of S+T Stuttgart, the world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors, gates and sun protection systems. This took…
5 March 2021
Garage door

How does the SIMUDRIVE SD100Hz control box work?

Being able to open and close your garage door directly from your vehicle is not new. There are already many systems which do this. However, the solutions available are often difficult to install and configure. So SIMU has decided to widen its SIMUDRIVE control box offer with the latest addition to the range: the SIMUDRIVE…
10 February 2021

5 advantages of Autosun which will please your customers

Are you looking for a reliable and secure motorised solution for roller shutters for one of your customers? Look no further! With over 65 years of experience in the manufacture of control systems for roller shutters, blinds and industrial doors and windows, SIMU has developed AUTOSUN for you, a smart solar solution which adapts to…
13 January 2021
Home Control

BHz/Hz: What are the differences?

Home automation is really coming into its own in the digital era and is gradually becoming a key part of daily life. Roller shutters, garage doors and lighting are all affected by this progress and are the most frequently automated elements in homes. Various technologies exist, in particular SIMU-Hz and SIMU-BHz radio protocols. Both meet…