How does the SIMUDRIVE SD100Hz control box work?

How does the SIMUDRIVE SD100Hz control box work?

Being able to open and close your garage door directly from your vehicle is not new. There are already many systems which do this. However, the solutions available are often difficult to install and configure. So SIMU has decided to widen its SIMUDRIVE control box offer with the latest addition to the range: the SIMUDRIVE SD100HZ box. A solution designed for roller garage doors combining easy installation and safe usage.


Fast, safe installation

Secure wiring

The SIMUDRIVE SD100HZ box is completely safe to install. Its wiring is easy thanks to clearly identified connections and dedicated plug-in terminals.

Zone separation (230 V/24 V) avoids any risk of accident during operation.

Adjustment made easy

When it comes to configuration, there’s no need to pore over it for hours. Two minutes is all it takes. The four parameters to be set (the operating mode, the auxiliary output, the safety edge and the photo-electric cells) are already pre-set by default for use in standard mode. The easy, intuitive programming avoids any wasted time and error codes.

Trouble-free use

The SD100HZ box allows the connection of the SIMU accessories essential for user safety:

  • A safety brake system. A solution which immobilises the apron and cuts off the electricity if any of the curtain components accidentally breaks. Moreover, it has a patented anti-rebound system which immediately immobilises the curtain if it is triggered and avoids a jerky descent.
  • An optical safety edge mounted on the bottom slat of the door. If there are any obstacles in the way when the garage door is closing, a set of optical cells sends a signal to the control box to cancel the operation.
  • Photo-electric cells. If an obstacle breaks the beam, it is immediately detected and information is sent to the motor to reopen the door.
  • An orange light and/or area lighting. The orange light can be steady or flashing and warns of the opening or closing of the garage door.

Area lighting lights the garage entrance when the door opens to ensure good visibility.


Compatibility with other SIMU equipment

The SIMUDRIVE SD100HZ box can be combined with the entire range of single-phase SIMU motors, such as the T5, DMI5, T6, DMI6, T8, T8M, T8S, T8SDMI and CENTRIS.

It is also compatible with the Hz control points and can be controlled from a TSA Hz remote control or the SA Hz radio keypad.

It has:

  • An override mode (dead-man mode).
  • Independent remote lighting control.
  • A 60-second lighting time delay after movement.
  • An automatic closing mode.
  • A 2-second warning by the orange light.


The SD350 and SD510 range of industrial doors

For doors and windows of industrial buildings, SIMU also provides professionals with two three-phase control boxes, the SD350 and SD510.

  • The SD350 box is used to control industrial roller doors simply and easily. It has a press-and-hold mode or a mixed mode and the possibility to include a safety brake system.
  • The SD510 box offers the possibility to connect 4 sets of cells and a safety edge. It can also be combined with numerous accessories, such as a badge reader, a clock or even an alarm to simplify and protect access. It adapts to all types of installation including metal curtains or grilles and sectional doors. It is easy to connect and benefits from pre-set programs, making it quick to set up and use.


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