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SIMU guaranteesall of our products

We are dedicated to the superior quality of each product we put on the market. SIMU products are guaranteed against all manufacturing, design or material defects.

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Return rate
7 year warranty

7 year warranty

Full solar solution
(T3.5EHzDC motor
+ battery + panel)
5 year warranty

5 year warranty

Tubular motors
Central motors
GM motors
BOX and BOX SI motors
Electronic products
Battery and solar panel from the AUTOSUN system sold alone
Accessories (excluding cells and batteries)
2 year warranty

2 year warranty

Plug Hz ON/OFF
1 year warranty

1 year warranty

Manual components
Safety brake

I want to contact theCustomer Service Department

Get help with warranty products.
I am a professional Installer or Distributor The SIMU service team will repair or replace the product per warranty conditions.
I Am a Private Reseller or Individual Please contact your professional installer or distributor to determine their warranty conditions.
Identify your product
Identify your product Each SIMU motor, command or controller is labeled to provide customers with all the legal and technical information they need.

These labels also guarantee the traceability of SIMU products.
Unique datamatrix and/or barcode registration systems guarantee precise traceability.