Thank you for your interest in participating in the replacement of the DMI6 Hz motors. Please find details regarding how to get started with the process below. Once you have submitted your signed Compensation Agreement, you will be granted access to the recall website that will be used for the duration of the recall. Please be reminded of the available communication resources to support customer outreach. Please continue to track any known installations and alert end users that they may be impacted by the recall. Simu is available to support these efforts.

Forms You Will Need

Recall Activities Sheet: Submit with each jobsite/claim

Getting Started

Step 1
Email us at to receive a copy of the recall compensation agreement.
Step 2
Once signed agreement is received, a representative will email you an account number and portal link to order motors to be used for replacement.
Step 3
Login to the portal and order motors for replacement.
Step 4
Jobsite Replacement Please be reminded that all submitted claims need to include the following mandatory detail for claim review and compensation payment.  Please be sure to collect this info at each replacement jobsite.  
  • - End User Name
  • - Jobsite Address
  • - Date of Inspection and Replacement
  • - Qty and Type of Motor Replaced
  • - Qty and Type of Installation (Awning, Shutter, etc.)
  • - Electrical Installation Type
  • - Photos of end product that includes detail to verify compensation level
  • - Signed Recall Activities Sheet
Step 5
Submit Your claim and return defective motors
Step 6
Claim will be processed and paid

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100% of our customers would recommend simu