Centris central motor

The new generation of central motor!

CENTRIS was researched and developed to guarantee maximum safety. It perfectly meets the demands of European Standards…

Durable and reliable, CENTRIS is designed to last. It is a motor using strong and solid materials using patented technology and systems

With a wide range of torque, tube diameter and ring diameter combinations, you will definitely find the motor you need in the CENTRIS range

With its progressive system equipped with memory rings, adjustment is easy and ultra-fast: raising and lowering the curtain once is enough to adjust the CENTRIS settings

Wired central motor

  • Torque guaranteed throughout the entire operating until the thermal cut-out
  • Built-in brake inside the motorization ensuring an immediate stop of the closure
  •  The installer is protected there is no access to the live parts
  • End-limit system is integrated into a protective box
  • The declutching system acts directly on the reducer. Thus it makes totally the motor totally free and allows the curtain to be manually and effortlessly operated in case of power Failure


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