EXTERNAL RADIO RECEIVER…to control lighting and electrical appliance up to 1800W.

- Allows to turn on and off a light or an electrical appliance with SIMU-BHz radio : hand-held transmitter and smartphone thanks to LiveIn2 application solution.



Light management
Light management

REMOTE CONTROL PLUG WITH INFORMATION FEEDBACK …to control lighting and electrical appliance up to 1800W.

EASY AND QUICK TO INSTALL : The Plug BHz ON/OFF exists in 2 versions (E-type and F-type) and may therefore be inserted into any power outlet and paired very simply to transmitters through its front programming button.

DESIGN AND ET PERFORMANT : Thanks to its compact size and discreet design, the plug BHz blends into the home’s decor while the performance of its radio range allows to install plugs in any room of the house while enjoying a centralization command.

THE POSSIBILITY OF SMARTPHONE CONTROL WITH INFORMATION FEEDBACK : By associating the plug BHz with the LiveIn2 control solution, it is possible to control its light far from home, and to know continuously whether it is on or off. It also becomes possible to program it so as to make it turn on and off automatically at the desired times (for example, in its absence to simulate a presence).

Radio Frequency 868,95
Range in open field 200m
Nominal Voltage / Frequency 230V - 50 Hz
Maximum accessory current 1800W