New radio range with information feedback

What is SIMU BHz?

This is the new radio range with information feedback developed by SIMU.
A range based on a reliable and secure technology.


- 868 MHz radio frequency.
–  With 3 possible frequency bands (automatic selection of the best one).
–  Radio installation secured by a unique 128-bit encryption key.
–  Effective range of 20 metres in a concrete structure.

SIMU BHz motors

LiveIn2 connected solution

LiveIn2 for installers

Whether you are a manufacturer in a factory or installing the product in a customer’s home, configuring the equipment is very easy. All the user needs to do then is create their user account and personalise their installation with scenarios, clocks, etc.

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Satellites LiveIn2

LiveIn (product replaced)

CLICK HERE to find information about the old LiveIn product.

LiveIn connected solution replaced by the new LiveIn2 solution with feedback.
This new range does not require you to change your installation habits as they remain the same as with Hz radio, whilst the LiveIn2 solution at the centre of the range will ensure the continuity of your projects.