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Dear clients,

The closure of some of our industrial and logistic facilities end of March, and the essential barrier measures implemented to guarantee the health and safety of all of our employees led to a reduction in our production capacity for several weeks, which still has an impact on our delivery times.

Meanwhile, we are facing a very strong increase in our orders. As a result, we may unfortunately not be able to execute, within our regular delivery time, one or more orders, in whole or in part, as long as the irresistible effects of the pandemic shall impact our business.

In the event of a delay or suspension of the delivery of your order, rest assured we will endeavor to fulfill our obligations as soon as possible.

All Simu teams are doing everything possible to return to a stable situation as quickly as possible.

Our customer service will stay tuned during this period and will come back to you as much as necessary to inform you of these developments.

Thank you for your understanding.