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Your questions about installing LiveIn

We recommend that you place the LiveIn plug in the centre of the equipment to be controlled. The Simu-Hz radio technology will enable a range of 200 metres to be obtained in free field (if the environment does not present any interference) and 20 metres through 2 reinforced concrete walls. However, we suggest that you place the LiveIn plug near the WiFi router used, depending on the power of this router.
Yes, you can use your own mobile device as long as it is compatible with the LiveIn app. For each new LiveIn system you install, simply download the app again before you start.
Then you will simply need the customer’s WiFi password to set up LiveIn on your mobile.
Once the installation is complete, simply share the installation’s PIN code with the customer who will have loaded the app onto their mobile and make sure that you erase the customer’s WiFi network from your own mobile device (“forget this network”).
You may add as many terminals as you want to your LiveIn installation. Download the LiveIn app to this new terminals, start it and click on “join the existing LiveIn system”. You then just need to connect to the WiFi network associated with the existing LiveIn and enter your installation’s 4-digit PIN code.
Tip: from your initial terminal, you may share directly an invitation by email to join an existing LiveIn system. Go to the general menu, “PIN code” and lcick on the “Share PIN code” line
You will find it in the general menu, “Pin code”.
This Pin code, which is generated automatically when the system is installed, is made up of 4 digits.
The LED’s colour tells you the LiveIn plug’s status.
– Fixed red: In configuration mode – ready for a first installation or to edit its data and change it
– Fixed green: Connected to the network
– Flashing green: Searching for a connection to a local network
– Flashing red: Transmitting a SIMU-Hz order
The status indicator tells you the status of your connection with the LiveIn plug.
– Online locally: your mobile device may connect to the LiveIn plug and send commands (direct/scenarios) over the local WiFi network
– Online remote: your mobile device may connect to the LiveIn plug and send commands (direct/scenarios) over the Internet network
We recommend that you change your LiveIn’s PIN code for more security.
Reinitialise the LiveIn plug with the reset button. The LED turns fixed red. Connect to the plug’s WiFi network (Simu_-####) in your mobile’s parameters. Open the app then enter “Edit” mode (general menu). Click on the PIN code. Modify your PIN code. Broadcast the new PIN code to the Smartphones to which you want to connect.

Go to our video space to watch how to do so

You may add up to 4 new LiveIn plugs to your installation. Go to the general menu, “Add” and follow the indications which appear on the screen.
This is used to set dusk or dawn time as accurately as possible.
If you do not authorise this geolocation, these times will be calculated by time zone and so will be less accurate.
Note: the time is only updated on the local network, when the app starts up. This means that there are no updates when you are abroad.

Check the light’s status:
– If it is green, press the Reset button on the side of the plug then launch the LiveIn search again.
– If it is red:
* Check in the Smartphone or tablet’s network parameters that the network selected is the LiveIn network (Simu_****)
* The LiveIn plug may be too far from your Internet Box. Bring it closer.
2 possible reasons:
– The timer is a little long, wait a few moments until step 4 is validated.
– Your WiFi network’s WEP key (password) is wrong. Restart the assistant: press the plug’s Reset button, put the Smartphone on the SIMU_**** WiFi network (parameters/wifi) then click on LiveIn search, choose the Internet Box and enter the password again (in the terminal security, check enter visible passwords).
In the general menu, click on “Edit” then “Hz programming”.
You will then access the list of Simu-Hz equipment associated with your LiveIn plug.

Click on + to add a new item of equipment and follow the programming assistant.

In the general menu, click on “Edit” then “Hz programming”.
You will access the list of Simu-Hz equipment associated with your LiveIn plug.
Click on the programming assistant for the equipment you want to remove; you will then carry out the “programming” operation which will deprogramme the LiveIn/Motor link. To finish, erase the name of the equipment to remove it completely from the user menu.
As you have removed an item of equipment, you free up the slot for the channel in question. Make sure that this channel will be reused as priority when a new item of equipment is created. You will then see it reappear.
LiveIn does not require any specific maintenance. It runs on the mains and so does not require any batteries to be changed.
The app also makes the LiveIn solution very user-friendly.

In all cases, specific LiveIn solution support is provided by SIMU and will be available to all installers or users who have an application problem.
Go to our website to see all the tools available for you.