— Frequently Asked Questions: CENTRIS veoHz —

The motor installation on the tube is identical to a wired Centris.
The autonomy of the control points is at least 2 years.

When the battery is low, 2 signals appear:
– A change in the flashing LED means that the battery is low.
– When you need to restart the motor movement every 3s, the transmitter battery must be changed.

- The remote control and the control box are specific veoHz (SIMU radio protocol in 434MHz, not compatible with Hz).
– Centris veoHz can not be controlled by other control points that veoHz transmitters and vice versa.
– These control points can transmit continuously 60s.
– The motors settings can be made from all veoHz control points (3 SIMU ergonomic buttons).
– The mobile transmitters have a very short range adjustable during the installation.
- By default, the transmitters are settled in threshold 2 and have a short radio range.
- 4 thresholds are available, the threshold 4 corresponds to the longest radio range.
- If the radio range is too short or too long it can be settled but it has a duty to guarantee an insight control of the shutter.
(more details on the video of the motor’s setting).
The connection of wired control points, sensors, automatisms or safety accessories is not possible because not necessary.
The mixed mode (rise in impulse mode) is strictly forbidden on grilles or curtains with a hook point.
In case of extended power failure, the curtain can only go upward to the upper stop points (stop points are mandatory). Centris veoHz will then work as usual.