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Calculator for roller shutter motors

The results are given for information and vary according to each installation characteristic. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller can be responsible for bodywork and material damage. Recommendations for the use of tubes require careful attention as well (see profiler’s charts).

Choose the right motor torque

The charts below will help you determine the right torque for your motor

Motor charts for roller shutters
Motor charts for tub blinds
Motor charts for vertical and screen blinds
Motor charts for Centris central motors for store and industrial building doors and windows
Tubular motor charts for store and industrial building doors and windows
Simubox external motor chartgs for industrial building doors and windows

Understanding the product identification labels

Each SIMU motor, command or controller is labelled to provide customers with all the legal and technical information they need.

These labels also guarantee the traceability of SIMU products.
Unique datamatrix and/or bar code registration systems guarantee precise traceability.

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