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Sustainable development
Patrick BEDEL, <br />
Human Resources Manager

A word from the HR department

Although sustainable development is currently an overriding concern at all levels, here at SIMU it has been part of our daily lives and our DNA for many years, both as a company and as individuals.

Will there be a world after the global health crisis caused by COVID-19? This is a question no-one is currently in a position to answer. So in the meantime, here at SIMU, we are resolutely continuing our course towards our goal.

Our commitment is part of the Somfy Group's sustainable development policy, entitled «We act for a better way»,
Patrick BEDEL,
Human Resources Manager

As a brand, we wish to make a positive contribution to society, above and beyond the criteria imposed by the regulations. Like the Hummingbird, we do not claim that we are going to change the world, but we are determined to make an active contribution and do our share, and more.

This commitment was recognised by a CSR Trophy awarded by the Bourgogne Franche Comté region in October 2018 in the “over 250 employees” category.

Plus More than simply transparency, we aim to cultivate sincerity, an approach which has been part of our DNA for many years and is our strength, both internally and with our customers.

91% of our customers consider that SIMU is an environmentally and socially responsible company.

Our sustainable development policy is based on three fundamental pillars:

Economic responsibility Economic responsibility
Social and societal responsibility Social and societal responsibility
Sustainable development
Environmental responsibility Environmental responsibility

What we are the most proud of!

All our employees have been trained in the Exillance method.

Significant investments have been made in building renovation and replanting.

In 2019, we invited our employees to participate in our first solidarity days.