2 SIMU-Hz and SIMU-BHz radio range p.94 Find out more about the new SIMU-BHz radio range p.96 SIMU-BHz CONTROLS AND AUTOMATION LiveIn2 connected solution p.98 LiveIn2 scenario transmitter p.102 LiveIn2 outdoor sun sensor p.103 BHz radio transmitters p.104 ON/OFF BHz plug p.105 SIMU-Hz CONTROLS AND AUTOMATION SIMU-Hz radio transmitter 1 channel p.106 MEMORY Hz wall transmitter p.108 SEQUENTIAL Hz transmitter p.110 DRY CONTACT Hz transmitter p.111 Micro-transmitter Hz p.112 TSA+ remote control p.114 TSA 2 remote control p.115 SA Hz radio keypad p.116 SIMU-Hz radio transmitter 5 channels p.118 COLOR Multi remote control p.120 TIMER Easy remote control p.122 TIMER Multi remote control p.124 SUN SENSOR for indoor p.126 ON/OFF Hz plug p.127 Micro-receiver Hz for roller shutters p.128 Micro-receiver Hz for lighting p.129 Hz receiver p.130 LED DC Hz receiver p.131 WIRED CONTROLS AND AUTOMATION Range of wired controls and automation - 230V p.132 Programmable clock TIMER AC p.134 MEMORY AC switch p.136 PM3 switches - 230V p.138 APEM switch - 230V p.140 Push button - 230V p.142 Other controls - 230V p.144 Control box - 230V p.146 Wired controls for direct current motors - 12/24V p.147 Wall boxes p.148 CONTROLS AND AUTOMATION p.92 NEW