1 PRESENTATION OF SIMU p.4 Identification & Traceability - SIMU products p.10 MOTORIZED MECHANISMS p 12 SELECTION CHARTS Roller shutter with Octa 40 & ZF 45 tube p.14 Roller shutter with Octa 50 & ZF 54 tube p.15 Roller shutter with Octa 60 & ZF 64 tube p.16 Roller shutter with Octa 70 tube p.17 Personalized selection charts - Request form p.18 MOTOR RANGE Range tables: wired and radio motors p.20 Motor range: summary table p.22 SOLAR OFFER AUTOSUN 2 system p.24 T3.5 E Hz DC motor p.28 RADIO OFFER SIMU-BHz motors T3.5 E BHz motor p.30 T5 E BHz motor p.32 T5 AUTOSHORT BHz motor p.34 SIMU-Hz motors T3.5 Hz.02 motor p.36 T5 E Hz motor p.38 T5 Hz.02 motor p.40 T5 AUTOSHORT Hz motor p.42 DMI 5 Hz.01 motor p.44 T6 Hz.02 motor p.46 DMI 6 Hz.01 motor p.48 WIRED OFFER T3.5 DC motor p.50 T3.5 AUTO+ motor p.52 T3.5 motor p.54 T5 DC motor p.56 T5 E motor p.58 T5 AUTO+ SHORT motor p.60 T5 AUTO motor p.62 T5 motor p.64 DMI 5 motor p.66 T6 motor p.68 DMI 6 motor p.70 ACCESSORIES: ADAPTOR SETS, BRACKETS AND END CAPS Adaptor sets for Ø40, Ø50 and Ø60 motors p.72 Brackets for motor side - Ø40, Ø50, Ø60 and DMI motors p.75 End caps for opposite side for octa Ø40, Ø60 and Ø70 rolling tubes p.86 Bearings for opposite side p.88 Brackets for opposite side p.89 ACCESSORIES FOR MANUAL OVERRIDE Accessories for manual override for DMI motors p.90 Accessories for manual override with differential and gear on the opposite side p.91 NEW