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Autosun2 solaire

SIMU designs, manufactures and markets motors and command systems worldwide for roller shutters, blinds, doors and windows.

AUTOSUN 2: with OUR SOLAR SOLUTION, your roller shutters become radio!

Msolution solaireodernize your shutters by making them radio, without any degradation of your walls or your interior. Motor with battery and solar panel, function without electricity!

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CENTRIS: A reference on the market for central motor
Centris central motor

Durable and reliable, CENTRIS is designed to last. It is a motor using strong and solid materials using patented technology and systems.

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T8 SDMI: Innovation and technology  concentrated in only 43mm!

T8S tubular motorVery flexible installation process thanks to the adjustable support and the narrowest head on the market, only 43mm.

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