Our professions

SIMU designs, manufactures and markets motors and command systems worldwide for roller shutters, blinds, doors and windows.


Marketing & Innovation

Our teams are in constant contact with our customers and the market to provide them with the best solutions to meet both their current and future needs.

Research & Development

Our R&D department develops ideas and brings them to life. 40 engineers and technicians work in project teams to propose the technical solutions and innovations expected by the market.



Our high-performance and fast-reacting industrial site at Gray (France, Franche-Comté region) is a key pillar of our development.

Promotion & Distribution

Marketing assistance for our customers and sales promotion before, during and after sales.

at the heart of our business

At SIMU, we put our skills and resources to use to promote innovation. Nearly 30 people work on innovation every day in our marketing and R&D departments, providing technological watch and development. These efforts enable us to develop the following expertise:


Direct current and independent technology.

Motors for store doors and windows.

Radio technology command systems.