You are an installer or user

Your questions before you buy and install LiveIn

You can control equipment with simu-Hz radio technology which has been installed by a professional.
Roller shutters, blinds, garage doors and lights are the types of equipment that are currently compatible with this technology.
Please read the “List of LiveIn compatible equipment” document and contact a reseller-installer for more information.
To use LiveIn, you need an iOS (Version 8 and +: iPhone 4S or more recent) or Android (Versions 4.1 and +) compatible Smartphone
No, there is no PC interface to control LiveIn.
Yes, the LiveIn app is available and free to download from the App Store and Play Store under the name Simu LiveIn.

You must contact a SIMU-Hz equipment and LiveIn plug partner manufacturer/installer/reseller.
If you would like a commercial conversation with one of our resellers, please contact us.
The LiveIn solution does not require any subscription.
The LiveIn solution does not require an installer or user account to be created. In addition, no personal data is stored through the LiveIn solution.
There is no limit on the number of smartphones/tablets connected to your LiveIn installation.
Yes, you can use these devices at least to control the system locally from your home over your home’s WiFi network. By remote, you may access your plug via an external WiFi network.
Each LiveIn plug may control 25 items of equipment or equipment groups.
Nevertheless, note that each LiveIn installation may support up to 5 LiveIn plugs.
You may programme up to 25 scenarios on your LiveIn plug.
Each LiveIn plug has the possibility of saving up to 25 weekly programmes.
A scenario is a sequence of commands on several items of equipment of your choice, that you may make with a single “click” in the app.
Example of the “leave” scenario which closes all the roller shutters and switches off the lights
LiveIn offers you the possibility of programming your scenarios to play automatically according to a weekly hourly program.
LiveIn lets you centralise control of your Simu-Hz equipment from your smartphone or tablet, even when you are away from home. It is even more customisable and user-friendly than a colr multi thanks to the smartphone interface which lets you choose names and icons. It also provides the Clock function which lets you set hourly programmes for your scenarios.
You don’t need any particular skills to install LiveIn. As a motor and home automation professional, you are authorised to install Simu-Hz equipment and set up LiveIn.
The app is designed to guide you step by step in installing the WiFi network then programming the Simu-Hz equipment.
Watch our installation and use assistance videos if you need help.
The LiveIn solution is installed in 2 main steps:
-> Configure the home’s WiFi network on the LiveIn plug, which should take 5 minutes at most
-> Configure the Simu-Hz equipment (prog/prog pairing) which will take more or less time depending on the number of items equipment. Plan on 2 minutes per item of equipment on average.
So, for an average-sized installation with 10 items of equipment, a maximum of 30 minutes’ installation time.
Simu helps you via the app which includes an integrated start-up guide, an installation manual for the product and installation and use assistance videos available online.
Finally, there is a dedicated hotline available to answer your questions and help you install if you need it.
The user interface provided by the smartphone or the table means that daily use couldn’t be simpler.
Watch our use assistance videos if you need help.
You can still use LiveIn without an Internet connection in local control using a simple WiFi router.
No, all your programming will be kept on the LiveIn plug.
Your LiveIn installation is secured by both a 4-digit Pin code generated automatically when the system is installed and by your WiFi network’s wep key (password).
No third parties may access your installation without these two secret codes.
In addition, all data transmissions, whether locally or by remote, are encrypted and secured.
Mobile phones are often secured by a password which prevents access to their content.
Otherwise, you may also disconnect the LiveIn plug immediately to deactivate it and also change your installation’s pin code to make sure it can’t be accessed from your stolen mobile.
LiveIn is an app which will be updated in the future. New features and new compatible equipment are part of the solution’s developments.
You will receive a notification from the app when an update is available. All your programming will still be kept.
LiveIn is compatible with all WiFi equipment with a 2.4 GHz frequency. However, it is not compatible with 5 GHz networks.